art escape italy workshop background slider 1 uai Tania Rivilis | artist | Capturing the portrait´s aura | Pragmatic romanticism | Colorful expressivness | artist´s gallery Tania Rivilis │ Contemporary Figurative Art

Workshop in Italy. SOLD OUT: Join the Waiting list

Figurative Oil Painting - Capturing Character with Texture & Colour

Join us for an all-inclusive week of oil painting in the Tuscan countryside with Tania Rivilis. 

This workshop is open to all levels of artists who would like to capture character, whilst playing with texture and colour in their paintings. During this workshop, Tania will demonstrate her process and approach to figurative painting, from how she photographs the model, to incorporating the use of oil pastel with oil paints, and transitioning from small to large painting sizes. Tania will demonstrate and discuss practical tips when working from reference photos, and techniques when using different painting surfaces, such as plywood, canvas and paper. She will also look closely at the importance of colour theory and composition. Students will spend 5 days painting and learning from Tania, with the intention of creating characterful and lifelike figurative oil paintings, and gaining valuable knowledge which will help students to continue to develop their skills, practicing what they have learnt back home. For those who are interested Tania will also demonstrate how artificial intelligence can be a used as a useful tool to help artists visualise backgrounds, fabrics, drapery and forms in their painitngs. Throughout the week Tania will give students one on one feedback, helping you to progess individually. 

Art and more!

During this all-inclusive art retreat, meals will be home-cooked and eaten together in our large dining room, or outside when the weather is nice. In the evenings particiapants will have free use of the grounds to explore, including the swimming pool, woodland, lake and olive groves. There is also a volleyball net, and a games room with table tennis and table football. During the week we will host some evening entertainment which everyone is welcome to join, such as a wine tour, cooking class, and pizza night!


This workshop will take place at Antico Borgo La Torre, a converted farmhouse and winery located in Chianti, 25km from Florence.

Originally a medieval tower, the structure dates back to the middle ages. Now an agriturismo, Antico Borgo La Torre produces it's own wine and olive oil. It is made up of 32 hectars of land, which include olive groves, vineyards, woodland, orchards, walnut trees, and a swimming pool.

What is included

22% VAT - 5 days tuition - 6 nights accommodation - Arrival & departure transfers - Breakfasts, lunches, dinners & snacks - Tea, coffee & soft drinks - Alcohol (wine grown & produced at the venue) - Wine tour & tasting - Extra activities - Laundry - Swimming Pool - Wifi - Easels & Solvents for painting


€1935 Shared Twin Bedroom with private bathroom (shared with one other participant of the same gender) 

€2450 Private Bedroom with a double bed and private bathroom

€2650 Private Apartment with a double bedroom, bathroom and private living room/kitchen

€750 Non-Participating Partner to share a private bedroom or private apartment with you

All meals will be made up up of delicious, home-cooked Tuscan cuisine, and will take place in our beautiful dining hall or outside whenever the weather is nice. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options will be available, please let us know in advance if you have any dietary requirements (dietary needs rather than preferences)


See you in Italy!

Studio Lighting Setup for Windowless Spaces

Studio Lighting Setup for Windowless Spaces

Studio Lighting Setup for Windowless Spaces

Optimal Studio Lighting Setup for Windowless Spaces

Creating the right Studio Lighting Setup can be a challenging task, especially when you're confined to a windowless space. Many artists, photographers, and content creators face this issue, but it's solvable with some strategic planning and equipment selection.

The Importance of Proper Studio Lighting

Good lighting is pivotal for every workspace, but when it comes to a studio, it gains a special significance. Proper lighting not only enhances the visual appeal but also impacts the efficiency and mood of the artist at work. Inadequate or poor lighting can result in skewed colors, unwanted shadows, and added strain on your eyes.

Essential Components of Studio Lighting Setup

When it comes to your Studio Lighting Setup, certain key elements should be part of your configuration:

Daylight Bulbs

Daylight bulbs can be your best friend when you don't have access to natural light. These bulbs mimic natural daylight, which is particularly useful for studios without windows. For those interested in a reliable daylight lamp, you might want to look into the Beurer daylight lamp.

Ceiling Lamps

Having a three-lamp configuration on the ceiling could provide you with uniform overhead light. These should ideally be filled with daylight bulbs to replicate as much natural light as possible.

Supplementary Lamps

Even with overhead lighting, you may need additional sources for specific tasks. A professional swing arm lamp or a similar design can offer beautiful, focused lighting.

Ring Lights

These are particularly useful for video content, live streams, or reels. They offer uniform light distribution and eliminate harsh shadows, making them a popular choice among content creators.

Further Reading

If you're into art or painting, understanding your tools and mediums is crucial for your creativity. Find out more about this in our articles about Maximizing Art Tools & Techniques and Exploring Painting Mediums. Additionally, the right studio setup extends beyond just lighting; consider reading our guides on Using Palette Stands in My Studio and My Palette Stand.


Creating an effective Studio Lighting Setup in a windowless space may seem daunting, but with the right tools and approach, it can be straightforward. A combination of daylight bulbs, ceiling lamps, supplementary lamps, and ring lights can achieve a well-balanced and productive workspace.

Remember, lighting can make or break your studio experience. Your choice of lights is more than just a functional decision; it's an integral aspect of your creative process.

The style here isn't about grandiloquence or complexity; it's about delivering valuable content in a friendly yet sophisticated manner. Thus, let's not underestimate the power of optimal lighting in a studio; it's the unsung hero that can either make your artwork shine or cast it in shadow.

I hope you find this guide useful in setting up your perfect studio space.


Palette Stands-tania-rivilis-color


What types of light bulbs are best for a windowless studio?

Daylight bulbs are the most recommended for a windowless studio. They mimic natural daylight, which is especially useful when you lack access to natural light.

Can I use a ring light for general studio lighting?

Ring lights are excellent for focused tasks like video content, live streams, or reels but are generally not suitable for general studio lighting. They are best used in combination with other light sources.

What is the importance of ceiling lamps in a studio?

Ceiling lamps offer a uniform distribution of overhead light. They are an essential component of a studio lighting setup, especially when equipped with daylight bulbs.

Are specialized lamps like swing-arm lamps necessary?

While not absolutely necessary, specialized lamps like swing-arm lamps offer directed and focused light that can be beneficial for specific tasks or areas within your studio.

How do I control the lighting for live streams and reels?

For live streams and reels, using a ring light can be a great way to offer uniform light distribution and eliminate harsh shadows. Other specialized video lighting equipment can also be useful.

Palette Stands-tania-rivilis

Maximizing Art Tools Techniques for Everyday Use

Palette Stands-tania-rivilis

Maximizing Art Tools Techniques for Everyday Use

Art Tools Techniques are an integral part of the creative process for artists. Navigating the vast sea of tools available can be daunting, but with the right techniques, any artist can maximize their toolkit's potential. Here's a guide to making the most of your art tools every day.

The Power of Proper Tool Use

Every artist, regardless of their medium or specialty, has encountered the dilemma of choosing the right tool for a particular task. But as those familiar with the intricacies of art know, it isn’t just about having the right tools but knowing how to use them.


A Deeper Dive into Art Tools Techniques

Let's delve into some art tools that are frequently used, their techniques, and how to optimize their use for everyday art creation.

  1. Pliers: While seemingly a simple tool, the plier offers multi-functional utility. It aids in squeezing tubes efficiently to ensure no wastage, especially when it comes to oils. It's also adept at opening sealed items, eliminating the risk of potential injury.
  2. Wire Cutters: This tool is ideal for ensuring you get every drop of oil out of its container. By cutting and squeezing, you can avoid waste and get the most out of your products.
  3. Sharp Light Palette Tools: Sometimes, you need to remove oils from a palette or even apply them directly to a canvas. A tool with a sharp light ensures precision and ease in these tasks.

Storage Techniques for Preserving Your Materials

Art tools and materials can be expensive, and preservation is essential. Some innovative storage techniques include:

  • Tissue Paper Storage: Instead of discarding tissue paper that comes with purchases, it can be repurposed in the art studio. Having it handy means you always have a means to clean or dab without any additional expense.
  • Jar Storage: Empty jars, even something as simple as a soy sauce jar, can be great for preserving leftover oils. Sealed tightly, these jars can ensure that the expensive oils don’t dry out, making them usable the next day.

If you're keen on enhancing your workspace's efficiency, consider reading up on the use of palette stands in the studio or exploring the benefits of a dedicated palette stand.


Exciting news for art enthusiasts! Dartecor is offering an exclusive 10% discount on their top-tier products. Use code "TR10" at checkout for quality art tools. Elevate your artistry with Dartecor's premium collection. Don't miss out!



In the realm of art, tools aren't just instruments; they're extensions of the artist's will and creativity. The way an artist interacts with their tools can profoundly impact the final piece. Taking the time to understand and maximize each tool's potential ensures that every drop of paint, every stroke of the brush, and every squeeze of the tube is purposeful and effective.

To witness these techniques in action and explore a range of inspiring artworks, consider visiting Tania Rivilis' artworks collection.


Palette Stands-tania-rivilis-color


Q1: What are the key art tools every artist should have?
A1: Every artist should have a set of basic tools such as brushes, palettes, pliers, wire cutters, and various mediums. The specific tools might vary depending on the artist's medium and style.

Q2: Why is it essential to maximize the use of art tools?
A2: Maximizing the use of art tools ensures efficiency, reduces waste, and helps artists get the most out of their investment. It also allows artists to unlock their full creative potential by utilizing the tools to their utmost capabilities.

Q3: Can I use household items as art tools?
A3: Absolutely! Many artists repurpose household items like jars for paint storage or tissue papers for dabbing. It's all about creativity and making the most of available resources.

Q4: How can I ensure the longevity of my art tools?
A4: Proper maintenance and storage are crucial. Clean brushes and tools after each use, store paints and oils in sealed containers, and ensure your tools are kept in a dry place to prevent rusting or degradation.

Q5: Where can I learn more about effective art tool techniques?
A5: There are various online resources, workshops, and courses that offer insights into art tool techniques. Websites like Tania Rivilis also provide valuable insights and tips on maximizing the utility of your art tools.

Gel medium - a versatile element in painting mediums.

Painting Mediums: Exploring My Studio Favorites

Gel medium - a versatile element in painting mediums.

Painting Mediums: Exploring My Studio Favorites


Painting Mediums are the soul of an artist's toolkit. Just as every painter has their distinct brush strokes, their choice of mediums often defines the heart and depth of their work.

Sennelier's Non-Toxic Option

Delving into mediums, there's one that stands out, both for its quality and its care for the environment. Sennelier's green for oil is not just about producing vibrant artwork, but also ensuring that our process remains as sustainable as our creativity.

Dartecor: A Brand Worth Mentioning

Cobalt Siccative

Having a favorite brand is one thing, but understanding why it's a favorite is the true journey. Take Dartecor's Cobalt Siccative for instance. Just a few drops can help dry a painting overnight. For artists who need their work ready quickly, be it for an exhibition or a sudden inspiration, this medium is nothing short of magic.

Impasto Medium

Yet another secret from Dartecor's chest is their Impasto medium. The texture it provides is almost like giving the oil paints a life of their own. When you want to give your oils a more voluminous texture, almost making them leap off the canvas, this is your go-to medium.

Odourless Mineral Spirit

Balancing the vibrancy of oils with the right spirit is essential. Dartecor’s Odourless Mineral Spirit brings this balance seamlessly. It's not just about dilution; it's about creating a harmony between the paint and the canvas.


Exciting news for art enthusiasts! Dartecor is offering an exclusive 10% discount on their top-tier products. Use code "TR10" at checkout for quality art tools. Elevate your artistry with Dartecor's premium collection. Don't miss out!


A Nod to Tradition with Sennelier's Gel Medium

Rounding off the list is the gel medium from Sennelier. While exploring mediums, it's hard to ignore the classic charm of a gel medium. Like Dartecor's offerings, it's non-toxic and perfectly complements the essence of an artist's palette.

Additional Reads

If you've found this exploration insightful, you might be interested in diving deeper into other aspects of an artist's studio. Here are some articles that offer a peek into my art universe:


The journey through painting mediums is not just about understanding their technical aspects. It's about how they amplify an artist's voice, how they add layers of depth to a work, and how they breathe life into every brushstroke.


Oil work medium - essential for painting mediums.


Q1: What are painting mediums?
A1: Painting mediums are substances added to paint to modify its properties, such as drying time, texture, and consistency. They play a crucial role in achieving desired effects in artworks.

Q2: Why use Dartecor's Cobalt Siccative?
A2: Dartecor's Cobalt Siccative is a popular medium because it helps to dry a painting overnight. It's especially useful for artists preparing for an exhibition or needing a quick drying solution.

Q3: Are the mentioned painting mediums environmentally friendly?
A3: Yes, mediums like Sennelier's green for oil are eco-friendly and non-toxic, making them sustainable choices for artists concerned about the environment.

Q4: What is the purpose of an impasto medium?
A4: Impasto medium, like that from Dartecor, gives oil paints a voluminous texture. It adds depth and dimension, allowing for the creation of raised brush strokes and sculptural effects.

Q5: Can I mix different brands of painting mediums?
A5: While many artists do mix brands, it's essential to test a small amount first. Different brands may have varying properties, and combining them can result in unexpected outcomes.

Grandeur of the Trevor Jones Castle Party venue in Paris.

Trevor Jones Castle Party 2023 Paris: A Fusion of Technology, Art, and Celebration

Grandeur of the Trevor Jones Castle Party venue in Paris.

Trevor Jones Castle Party: A Fusion of Technology, Art, and Celebration


Trevor Jones Castle Party has solidified its position as the most prestigious event in the ever-evolving realm of NFTs and crypto gatherings. A fusion of art, technology, and pure festivity, this gathering is truly unparalleled in its ambition and scale.

The Setting: Château de Vallery

The beautiful Château de Vallery near Paris, France set the backdrop for this year's festivities. A venue with a rich history that blends effortlessly with the contemporary significance of the event it's hosting.

The Event’s Evolution

Last year, Scotland was the chosen destination, providing attendees with an air of mystique and grandeur. However, the transition to France for the 2023 edition of the Trevor Jones Castle Party signifies not just a change in venue, but an evolution in its stature and global appeal.

Trevor Jones, Tania Rivilis, and Animus with an NFT display at the Trevor Jones Castle Party.

Highlights of the Gathering

This wasn't just another tech meet-up. Among the attendees were renowned artists such as Henrik Uldalen, Paul Reid, Pani Santiago, Daniel Martin, Jenni Pasanen, Violeta Jones and others. Furthermore, prominent platforms like MakersPlaceWorld of V, and Artcrush gallery had their representatives mingling, networking, and collaborating.

Performances and More

For those whose inclination is more toward the entertainment side, the party did not disappoint. The event featured musical brilliance from Grammy-nominated BT, Arthr, Sarah Main, and DJ RT. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg. From French circus acts and football tournaments to immersive debates and pool parties, there was never a dull moment.

A Cause Beyond Celebration

It's worth noting that the event was not solely about the glitz and glamour. Trevor Jones, in collaboration with the NFT marketplace MakersPlace, also held a charity auction in memory of the late OG Crypto artist, Philippe Fatoux. The cause was heartfelt and resonated with many, as last year's auction had successfully raised £17,000 for Maggie’s cancer charity.

Concluding Thoughts

Events like the Trevor Jones Castle Party showcase the perfect amalgamation of old-world charm and futuristic innovations. As the realms of art, technology, and celebration converge, such events pave the way for more collaborations, understanding, and unity within the diverse crypto community.

For those interested in delving deeper into the world of NFTs, a recent Artcrush NFT tour provides enlightening insights worth exploring.


Members of the NFT community gathered at the Trevor Jones Castle Party.


Q1: What is the Trevor Jones Castle Party?
A1: The Trevor Jones Castle Party is an annual event that merges the worlds of technology, art, and celebration. Set in luxurious locales, it attracts artists, tech enthusiasts, and crypto experts from all over the world.

Q2: Where was this year's Castle Party held?
A2: This year's event took place at the beautiful Château de Vallery near Paris, France.

Q3: Who were some of the notable artists in attendance?
A3: Renowned artists such as Henrik Uldalen, Paul Reid, Pani Santiago, Daniel Martin, Jenni Pasanen, and many more graced the event with their presence.

Q4: Was there any charitable initiative associated with the event?
A4: Yes, Trevor Jones, in collaboration with MakersPlace, organized a charity auction in memory of the late OG Crypto artist, Philippe Fatoux. The funds raised go to Maggie’s cancer charity.

Q5: Are there plans for another Castle Party next year?
A5: While specific details might not be available yet, given the success and anticipation surrounding the event, it's likely that the Trevor Jones Castle Party will return next year.

Palette Stands-tania-rivilis

Using Palette Stands in My Studio

Palette Stands-tania-rivilis

Using Palette Stands in My Studio: Tips and Tricks

Palette stands are more than just a functional accessory in an artist's studio. They are an embodiment of an artist’s soul, a quiet companion to their explosive creativity. Today, let's delve into the nuances of using these stands, focusing on the benefits they offer and the innovative ways in which they can be used.

Why Palette Stands Matter

In a space where colors blend and ideas flow freely, the palette stand provides a stable base. Not only does it keep your palette and tools within arm's reach, but it also serves as a personal testament to an artist's journey.

The primary advantage of a palette stand lies in its adaptability. Whether you're working with oils, watercolors, or any other medium, the stand's versatility shines through. They are designed keeping an artist's needs in mind, ensuring a seamless blending of functionality and aesthetics.

Crafting Your Own Stand

Creating a personalized stand brings a certain intimacy to the artistic process. By designing it according to specific needs, one can ensure that the stand not only serves its purpose but also reflects individuality.

A visit to this post sheds light on a particular stand I found a few days ago. The stand, originally intended as a computer stand, stood out due to its unique design that offers an edge to artists. You can adjust it to your convenience, especially when working on paper, and its adaptability allows you to attach sheets and place your tools. The entire setup is comfortable, making long hours of work seem effortless.

Simplifying Complexity

One of the simpler palette stands in my collection is minimalistic but comes with a twist. Though it doesn’t boast intricate designs or multiple compartments, it has an aura about it that beckons the artist to create. Sometimes, it’s these simple tools that amplify our creativity the most.

The beauty of palette stands lies in their ability to be customized. Holders for oils, brushes, and other tools can be added according to necessity. Such an approach ensures that everything an artist requires is right where it's needed.

Final Thoughts

Exploring the world of palette stands unveils a realm of possibilities. Every artist should feel encouraged to find or craft a stand that aligns with their spirit, amplifying their work's authenticity.

Remember, the best tools are the ones that feel like an extension of the artist. So, explore, experiment, and find that perfect companion for your artistry.

Palette Stands-tania-rivilis-color


Q: What are Palette Stands?
A: Palette stands are specialized tools used by artists to hold their color palettes and other materials in place while they work, ensuring a seamless creative process.

Q: Why should I use a Palette Stand in my studio?
A: Using a palette stand in your studio offers the advantage of convenience, organization, and enhanced creativity. It allows artists to have all their tools in one place, reducing interruptions during the creative flow.

Q: Can I customize my Palette Stand?
A: Absolutely! Palette stands are often customizable, allowing artists to add holders for oils, brushes, or other tools, ensuring everything they require is right at their fingertips.

Q: Where can I purchase a high-quality Palette Stand?
A: Many art supply stores, both online and physical, offer a variety of palette stands. Always check reviews and recommendations to ensure you're getting a quality product.

Q: Are there any alternative uses for a Palette Stand?
A: Yes! While primarily designed for artists, palette stands can be repurposed as computer stands, book stands, or even as display units for various items.

artcrush nft tour apricity new york 1 uai Tania Rivilis | artist | Capturing the portrait´s aura | Pragmatic romanticism | Colorful expressivness | artist´s gallery Tania Rivilis │ Contemporary Figurative Art

Artcrush NFT Tour: Transforming Urban Spaces with Art

Apricity in New York as a part of Artcrush NFT Tour

Artcrush NFT Tour: A Modern Marvel

The Artcrush NFT Tour isn't merely an event. It's an evolution, a metamorphosis of the traditional and the digital, painted across the canvas of our urban landscapes.

Artcrush: Changing the Urban Aesthetic

The quintessence of art has always been about transformation. And in a world dominated by screens and bytes, the Artcrush initiative adds another layer to this ever-evolving narrative. The philosophy is elegant in its simplicity: swap advertisement banners for art. Replace the mundane with the mesmerizing.

Last November marked the onset of the Artcrush world tour, spanning across some of the most prominent cities. From the poetic streets of Paris to the energetic buzz of Times Square, art found a new home – not within the secluded galleries, but amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

A Journey Through Global Capitals

In the ever-evolving world of art, the bond between artistic expression and the urban landscape is profound. For an artist, it’s an honor of unparalleled depth to have their masterpieces adorning the vibrant streets of the globe's most majestic cities. This tale isn’t merely about recognition, but it's about connecting, engaging, and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of countless beholders.

Amsterdam - Awakened Insight
Ghent - Bird Poetry (collaboration with Val Kilmer)
Paris - Body Chess II
San Francisco - Covered Desires
Milan - Manifistation of Being
Miami Art Basel 2022 - Fight Club
New York, Times Square - Apricity in New York
Amsterdam - Red Desert
Melbroune - Body Chess II
Lagos - 589 nanometers

Let's embark on this artistic odyssey, tracing the footprints of my work across these global landmarks:


A city of tales whispered through its ancient canals and historic edifices. It was here that Awakened Insight first found its voice, only to return with the stirring hues of Red Desert.

Amsterdam display featuring Tania Rivilis during Artcrush NFT Tour


In the heart of Belgium, where the cobblestone streets echo tales of yore, Bird Poetry emerged, an evocative collaboration with Val Kilmer.


Amidst the romantic alleys and the shimmering Seine, Body Chess II became an integral part of the Parisian art narrative.

Parisian display of Tania Rivilis' artwork as part of Artcrush NFT Tour

San Francisco:

As the Golden Gate bridged realms, the city found a narrative in Covered Desires, a piece that can be further explored here.



Synonymous with elegance and artistry, Milan's ethos aligned perfectly with Manifestation of Being, echoing tales of existence and essence.

Miami - Art Basel 2022:

Amidst a congregation of contemporary genius, Fight Club carved its niche, capturing the spirit of this iconic art festival.

New York, Times Square:

Here, amidst the neon glow and the ceaseless rhythm, Apricity in New York mirrored the dreams and dramas of the Big Apple.

Apricity in New York as a part of Artcrush NFT Tour

Times Square-tania-rivilis-artcrush-nft-tour


The cultural mosaic of Australia, Melbourne resonated with the motifs of Body Chess II, celebrating its rich artistic legacy.

Melburn's digital billboard featuring Tania Rivilis for Artcrush NFT Tour



In this pulsating African metropolis, 589 nanometers emerged, adding a new spectrum to the city’s vibrant art scene.

Each city, each display, is a chapter in an ongoing journey of creativity, expression, and global resonance.

Lagos exhibition of Tania Rivilis' art for Artcrush NFT Tour


Collaboration: The Soul of Artcrush NFT Tour

The NFT journey is as much about individual artists as it is about collaboration. Ghent's "Bird Poetry" became the offspring of such a beautiful union, reflecting the combined creative genius of Tania Rivilis and Val Kilmer. And while each city, each billboard bore the stamp of various artists, the tour represented the shared vision of innovators like Trevor Jones, XCOPY, and Henrik Uldalen, among others.

The Culmination: A Gratitude Note

The Artcrush Team deserves more than just a nod. Their passion transformed a magnificent idea into reality, redefining how we experience art. An immense sense of gratitude is owed to them for painting urban spaces with strokes of creativity, introducing the world to a new era of digital arts.

In essence, the Artcrush NFT Tour goes beyond a mere exhibition. It's an experience, a journey through the corridors of imagination, and a testament to the ever-evolving narrative of art in the digital age.


1. What is the Artcrush NFT Tour?
The Artcrush NFT Tour is a global initiative aiming to replace traditional advertisement banners with art, projecting both traditional and digital art onto large digital billboards in major cities worldwide.

2. Who are the prominent artists associated with the Artcrush NFT Tour?
Some of the notable artists involved include Tania Rivilis, Trevor Jones, XCOPY, Arne Spangereid, and Henrik Uldalen, among others.

3. In which cities was Tania Rivilis' artwork featured?
Tania Rivilis' artworks were showcased in various cities, including Amsterdam, San Francisco, Milan, and New York's iconic Times Square.

4. What is the philosophy behind the Artcrush NFT Tour?
The central philosophy of the Artcrush NFT Tour is that instead of seeing advertising banners, the world should witness art, thereby enhancing the urban aesthetic with mesmerizing artworks.

5. How can I explore more artworks from the Artcrush NFT Tour?
You can visit the official Artcrush website and explore various artists' portfolios, including that of Tania Rivilis.

My Palette Stand-tania-rivilis

My Palette Stand

My Palette Stand: An Elegance in Simplicity

The allure of a painter's studio often lies in the details, not merely in the completed canvases that adorn its walls. Among these, the unsung hero of efficiency and aesthetics is often the palette stand. And in my own space, the heart of such elegance is My palette stand.

Discovering My Palette Stand

A little while back, some of you inquired about the palette stand I showcased in my videos. It's not merely a stand but an embodiment of functionality and personal touch. My journey took me to a modest yet tastefully curated decoration shop. It was here that I stumbled upon this mobile marvel.

Why Dartecor Stands Out

My palette and brush holder are not mere tools; they are unique creations by Dartecor. Leonel, the visionary behind Dartecor, meticulously crafted these pieces, tailoring them to my specific preferences. As for the mobile stand, I discovered that gem in a home decor shop.

The Design: Elegance Meets Functionality

Brush Holder: A Symphony of Utility and Design

Beyond the palette, Dartecor has crafted another masterpiece - a brush holder. Leonel, understanding the nuances of a painter's needs, created this exclusively for my palette stem. Perfect in fit, this brush holder hosts an array of holes, graduating from small to large, ensuring every brush finds its home. And yes, in keeping with the palette, it proudly carries my name.

Though, amidst the pride I take in these pieces, I must clarify, it isn't ego but appreciation for fine craftsmanship.

Other Artistic Companions

Adjacent to the palette and brush holder, lies a container I chanced upon in the same decoration shop. It serves as a safe space for my papers. Another container, designed for flowers, doubles up as storage for my palette knife and various mediums. These might seem trivial, but in the life of an artist, every small detail adds up to the larger canvas of creation.


Exclusive 10% Discount for Our Readers

In appreciation of our dedicated readers and art enthusiasts, we're thrilled to announce a special offer. Dartecor, the esteemed brand behind the personalized palette and brush holder, is offering an exclusive 10% discount on their entire product range.

To avail this offer, simply use the code "TR10" at checkout when shopping on Dartecor's website. It's a unique opportunity to own a piece of Dartecor's exemplary craftsmanship at a reduced price. Whether you're an artist in search of quality tools or someone seeking a thoughtful gift for an artistic friend, this is the perfect chance to make a valuable addition to your art collection.

Remember, great art starts with the right tools. And with this special discount, there's no better time to elevate your artistry with Dartecor's premium offerings. Don't miss out!


My palette stand, coupled with the brush holder and other studio essentials, signifies more than mere tools. They're companions in my journey of creation, each telling a story of craftsmanship, personal touch, and elegance. I invite you to find such stories in your space, cherish them, and let them inspire you every day.

Remember, the essence of art isn't just in the final masterpiece but in every stroke, every tool, and every stand that supports the journey.




1. Where can I purchase a palette stand like yours?

The specialized palette and brush holder I use were crafted by Dartecor. You can explore their creations on their official website.

2. How do I avail the 10% discount on Dartecor's products?

Use the code "TR10" at the checkout on Dartecor's website to avail a 10% discount on their entire range.

3. Can I get a personalized palette like yours from Dartecor?

Yes, Dartecor offers personalized palettes. You can get in touch with Leonel, the visionary behind Dartecor, for customization requests.

4. Where did you find the mobile stand for the palette?

I discovered the mobile stand in a home decor shop, separate from the Dartecor products.

5. How can I care for and maintain my palette stand?

It's essential to regularly clean the stand and avoid exposure to extreme conditions to ensure its longevity. Additionally, always consult the product guidelines or Dartecor for specific care instructions.

Beautiful Bizarre Contest 2023-1

Beautiful Bizarre Contest 2023: Tania Rivilis in the final

Beautiful Bizarre Contest 2023-1

Beautiful Bizarre Contest: Tania Rivilis in the final

It is always an honor to have one's work recognized and appreciated, especially in esteemed arenas such as the Beautiful Bizarre Contest. This time, the spotlight is on a piece that has not only garnered attention but has reached the finals in this prestigious competition.

"Manifestation of Being": A Standout in the Beautiful Bizarre Contest

"Manifestation of Being" is more than just an artwork; it encapsulates emotion, skill, and dedication. The journey of its creation and its subsequent recognition in the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2023 is nothing short of remarkable. It stands as a testament to the resilience and creativity of artists who pour their souls into their work.

A Continual Climb to Excellence

It's noteworthy that this isn't the first time "Manifestation of Being" has been lauded. Time and again, it has made its way to the finals, competing against myriad talented artworks. And each time, the pride felt in seeing its name listed among the finalists never diminishes. This recurring recognition emphasizes the consistent quality and allure of the piece.

The contest, in its essence, is an amalgamation of passion, creativity, and talent from all over the world. Hence, reaching the finals isn't merely an achievement; it's an honor. The distinction of being among the few selected artworks, when countless artists submit their masterpieces, speaks volumes about the piece's intrinsic value and the artist's mettle.

A Sojourn in New York

For art enthusiasts eager to witness "Manifestation of Being" in all its glory, the piece currently resides in a New York gallery, eagerly awaiting admirers. Those intrigued by its story and craftsmanship can view and even procure it for their collection. Detailed insights and a closer look at the artwork can be explored here.

Final Thoughts

As the art world continues to evolve, artists like Tania, with her "Manifestation of Being", play an instrumental role in defining its trajectory. Competitions like the Beautiful Bizarre Contest serve as a pedestal, highlighting such phenomenal pieces and the artists behind them. As we appreciate the beauty of such creations, it's essential to acknowledge the talent, hard work, and heart that go into making them.

May this recognition serve as a beacon of inspiration for budding artists and a testament to the limitless possibilities that art holds.

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my mind in your reflections

Tania Rivilis Arcadia Exhibition: group art show in New York´s gallery.

my mind in your reflections

Tania Rivilis Group Exhibition at Arcadia Gallery, New York

In the bustling art scene of New York, the Arcadia Contemporary gallery has always stood as a beacon of creativity, innovation, and artistic excellence. The gallery's annual exhibition, "Five under Five", offers an exquisite assemblage of works priced up to $5000, delivering a rare blend of accessibility and quality. Among the array of distinguished artists showcased this year is the evocative Tania Rivilis, whose intricate pieces are bound to captivate art connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

A Brief Glimpse into Tania Rivilis' Artistry

Rivilis' collection is a mesmeric combination of soulful expression and impeccable technique. Taking a closer look at her piece, "Red Desert", one is immediately transported to an ethereal landscape, where emotions are the only compass. Another outstanding creation, "My Mind in Your Reflections", delves deep into the human psyche, presenting a mirror to the viewer's soul. It is no wonder then that Rivilis' inclusion in this exhibition stands as a testament to her exceptional prowess.

Five under Five: A Premier Event in the Art World

The Five under Five exhibition has become synonymous with excellence in the contemporary art scene. Slated from August 19th to September 6th, with an opening reception on Saturday, August 19th, from 4-6pm, the event promises a curated experience like no other. Art collectors and aficionados will find themselves amidst the crème de la crème of artists, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to acquire remarkable masterpieces without burning a hole in their pockets.

Why You Shouldn't Miss This Event

In a world inundated with digital art and virtual exhibitions, a physical showcase at the iconic Arcadia Contemporary gallery offers an irreplaceable tactile and immersive experience. Not only does it grant the viewer the chance to perceive the art in its true essence, but it also provides a platform to meet and interact with the creators themselves. To be in the presence of artists of Tania Rivilis' caliber and witness the unveiling of their latest creations, previously unseen by the public, is an art spectacle that is not to be missed.

Furthermore, with artworks capped at $5000, this event presents a golden opportunity for budding art collectors to start or expand their collection without the astronomical price tags that often accompany works of this caliber.

Contacting Arcadia for Sales and Catalog Inquiries

For those considering making a purchase or keen on exploring the catalog in its entirety, the gallery has made the process straightforward. All inquiries can be directed to the gallery via their email address: Their dedicated team ensures prompt responses, ensuring that potential buyers have all the necessary information at their fingertips. Or you can find E-Catalog here (Rivili´s works on page 418-441).

In Conclusion: A Date with Artistic Excellence

As the days lead up to this monumental event, the art community is abuzz with excitement. The exhibition, hosted in the heart of New York, offers a singular experience for art lovers from all walks of life. Whether you are an avid collector, an aspiring artist, or simply someone who appreciates beauty and expression, the Tania Rivilis Group Exhibition at Arcadia Gallery is a must-visit. Not only does it promise visual delight, but it also stands as a testament to the thriving and ever-evolving world of contemporary art.


Q1: When is the Tania Rivilis Arcadia Exhibition scheduled?
A1: The exhibition is slated from August 19th to September 6th, with an opening reception on Saturday, August 19th, from 4-6pm.

Q2: What is the price range for the artworks at the "Five under Five" event?
A2: The "Five under Five" exhibition features artworks priced up to $5000.

Q3: How can I inquire about sales or get a catalog?
A3: For all sales and catalog inquiries, reach out directly to the gallery via their email:

Q4: Where is the Arcadia Contemporary gallery located?
A4: The Arcadia Contemporary gallery is located in New York.

Q5: Will Tania Rivilis be presenting any exclusive pieces at this exhibition?
A5: Yes, Tania Rivilis will be unveiling her latest creations, which have remained unseen by the public until this event.