Artcrush NFT Tour: Transforming Urban Spaces with Art

Apricity in New York as a part of Artcrush NFT Tour

Artcrush NFT Tour: A Modern Marvel

The Artcrush NFT Tour isn’t merely an event. It’s an evolution, a metamorphosis of the traditional and the digital, painted across the canvas of our urban landscapes.

Artcrush: Changing the Urban Aesthetic

The quintessence of art has always been about transformation. And in a world dominated by screens and bytes, the Artcrush initiative adds another layer to this ever-evolving narrative. The philosophy is elegant in its simplicity: swap advertisement banners for art. Replace the mundane with the mesmerizing.

Last November marked the onset of the Artcrush world tour, spanning across some of the most prominent cities. From the poetic streets of Paris to the energetic buzz of Times Square, art found a new home – not within the secluded galleries, but amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

A Journey Through Global Capitals

In the ever-evolving world of art, the bond between artistic expression and the urban landscape is profound. For an artist, it’s an honor of unparalleled depth to have their masterpieces adorning the vibrant streets of the globe’s most majestic cities. This tale isn’t merely about recognition, but it’s about connecting, engaging, and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of countless beholders.

Amsterdam – Awakened Insight
Ghent – Bird Poetry (collaboration with Val Kilmer)
Paris – Body Chess II
San Francisco – Covered Desires
Milan – Manifistation of Being
Miami Art Basel 2022 – Fight Club
New York, Times Square – Apricity in New York
Amsterdam – Red Desert
Melbroune – Body Chess II
Lagos – 589 nanometers

Let’s embark on this artistic odyssey, tracing the footprints of my work across these global landmarks:


A city of tales whispered through its ancient canals and historic edifices. It was here that Awakened Insight first found its voice, only to return with the stirring hues of Red Desert.

Amsterdam display featuring Tania Rivilis during Artcrush NFT Tour


In the heart of Belgium, where the cobblestone streets echo tales of yore, Bird Poetry emerged, an evocative collaboration with Val Kilmer.


Amidst the romantic alleys and the shimmering Seine, Body Chess II became an integral part of the Parisian art narrative.

Parisian display of Tania Rivilis' artwork as part of Artcrush NFT Tour

San Francisco:

As the Golden Gate bridged realms, the city found a narrative in Covered Desires, a piece that can be further explored here.



Synonymous with elegance and artistry, Milan’s ethos aligned perfectly with Manifestation of Being, echoing tales of existence and essence.

Miami – Art Basel 2022:

Amidst a congregation of contemporary genius, Fight Club carved its niche, capturing the spirit of this iconic art festival.

New York, Times Square:

Here, amidst the neon glow and the ceaseless rhythm, Apricity in New York mirrored the dreams and dramas of the Big Apple.

Apricity in New York as a part of Artcrush NFT Tour

Times Square-tania-rivilis-artcrush-nft-tour


The cultural mosaic of Australia, Melbourne resonated with the motifs of Body Chess II, celebrating its rich artistic legacy.

Melburn's digital billboard featuring Tania Rivilis for Artcrush NFT Tour



In this pulsating African metropolis, 589 nanometers emerged, adding a new spectrum to the city’s vibrant art scene.

Each city, each display, is a chapter in an ongoing journey of creativity, expression, and global resonance.

Lagos exhibition of Tania Rivilis' art for Artcrush NFT Tour


Collaboration: The Soul of Artcrush NFT Tour

The NFT journey is as much about individual artists as it is about collaboration. Ghent’s “Bird Poetry” became the offspring of such a beautiful union, reflecting the combined creative genius of Tania Rivilis and Val Kilmer. And while each city, each billboard bore the stamp of various artists, the tour represented the shared vision of innovators like Trevor Jones, XCOPY, and Henrik Uldalen, among others.

The Culmination: A Gratitude Note

The Artcrush Team deserves more than just a nod. Their passion transformed a magnificent idea into reality, redefining how we experience art. An immense sense of gratitude is owed to them for painting urban spaces with strokes of creativity, introducing the world to a new era of digital arts.

In essence, the Artcrush NFT Tour goes beyond a mere exhibition. It’s an experience, a journey through the corridors of imagination, and a testament to the ever-evolving narrative of art in the digital age.


1. What is the Artcrush NFT Tour?
The Artcrush NFT Tour is a global initiative aiming to replace traditional advertisement banners with art, projecting both traditional and digital art onto large digital billboards in major cities worldwide.

2. Who are the prominent artists associated with the Artcrush NFT Tour?
Some of the notable artists involved include Tania Rivilis, Trevor Jones, XCOPY, Arne Spangereid, and Henrik Uldalen, among others.

3. In which cities was Tania Rivilis’ artwork featured?
Tania Rivilis’ artworks were showcased in various cities, including Amsterdam, San Francisco, Milan, and New York’s iconic Times Square.

4. What is the philosophy behind the Artcrush NFT Tour?
The central philosophy of the Artcrush NFT Tour is that instead of seeing advertising banners, the world should witness art, thereby enhancing the urban aesthetic with mesmerizing artworks.

5. How can I explore more artworks from the Artcrush NFT Tour?
You can visit the official Artcrush website and explore various artists’ portfolios, including that of Tania Rivilis.