Manifestation of being-tania.rivilis

Manifestation of being

Year: 2023
Size: 85x120cm / 33.4×47.2 Inch
Medium: Oil on Canvas
ID: TR-RIVT-0016


The artwork represents the way the past and the future collide in a caught moment, in this infinitely extended, frozen present. The way another self is born in an instant. In the shortest temporal interval of “now” the human finds a chance to become, but often does not have time to do it. A painting is the only thing that protects us from non-existence and brings us back to life, to the oscillation between two temporalities: the internal history and the external ephemerality of time of the viewer’s perception.

“Melody moves the mind in silence, In the heart of rhythm there is a song. A smile paints the sun.” Angaye Sam Jay