Painting Mediums: Exploring My Studio Favorites

Gel medium - a versatile element in painting mediums.

Painting Mediums: Exploring My Studio Favorites


Painting Mediums are the soul of an artist’s toolkit. Just as every painter has their distinct brush strokes, their choice of mediums often defines the heart and depth of their work.

Sennelier’s Non-Toxic Option

Delving into mediums, there’s one that stands out, both for its quality and its care for the environment. Sennelier’s green for oil is not just about producing vibrant artwork, but also ensuring that our process remains as sustainable as our creativity.

Dartecor: A Brand Worth Mentioning

Cobalt Siccative

Having a favorite brand is one thing, but understanding why it’s a favorite is the true journey. Take Dartecor’s Cobalt Siccative for instance. Just a few drops can help dry a painting overnight. For artists who need their work ready quickly, be it for an exhibition or a sudden inspiration, this medium is nothing short of magic.

Impasto Medium

Yet another secret from Dartecor’s chest is their Impasto medium. The texture it provides is almost like giving the oil paints a life of their own. When you want to give your oils a more voluminous texture, almost making them leap off the canvas, this is your go-to medium.

Odourless Mineral Spirit

Balancing the vibrancy of oils with the right spirit is essential. Dartecor’s Odourless Mineral Spirit brings this balance seamlessly. It’s not just about dilution; it’s about creating a harmony between the paint and the canvas.


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A Nod to Tradition with Sennelier’s Gel Medium

Rounding off the list is the gel medium from Sennelier. While exploring mediums, it’s hard to ignore the classic charm of a gel medium. Like Dartecor’s offerings, it’s non-toxic and perfectly complements the essence of an artist’s palette.

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The journey through painting mediums is not just about understanding their technical aspects. It’s about how they amplify an artist’s voice, how they add layers of depth to a work, and how they breathe life into every brushstroke.


Oil work medium - essential for painting mediums.


Q1: What are painting mediums?
A1: Painting mediums are substances added to paint to modify its properties, such as drying time, texture, and consistency. They play a crucial role in achieving desired effects in artworks.

Q2: Why use Dartecor’s Cobalt Siccative?
A2: Dartecor’s Cobalt Siccative is a popular medium because it helps to dry a painting overnight. It’s especially useful for artists preparing for an exhibition or needing a quick drying solution.

Q3: Are the mentioned painting mediums environmentally friendly?
A3: Yes, mediums like Sennelier’s green for oil are eco-friendly and non-toxic, making them sustainable choices for artists concerned about the environment.

Q4: What is the purpose of an impasto medium?
A4: Impasto medium, like that from Dartecor, gives oil paints a voluminous texture. It adds depth and dimension, allowing for the creation of raised brush strokes and sculptural effects.

Q5: Can I mix different brands of painting mediums?
A5: While many artists do mix brands, it’s essential to test a small amount first. Different brands may have varying properties, and combining them can result in unexpected outcomes.