My Palette Stand

My Palette Stand: An Elegance in Simplicity

The allure of a painter’s studio often lies in the details, not merely in the completed canvases that adorn its walls. Among these, the unsung hero of efficiency and aesthetics is often the palette stand. And in my own space, the heart of such elegance is My palette stand.

Discovering My Palette Stand

A little while back, some of you inquired about the palette stand I showcased in my videos. It’s not merely a stand but an embodiment of functionality and personal touch. My journey took me to a modest yet tastefully curated decoration shop. It was here that I stumbled upon this mobile marvel.

Why Dartecor Stands Out

My palette and brush holder are not mere tools; they are unique creations by Dartecor. Leonel, the visionary behind Dartecor, meticulously crafted these pieces, tailoring them to my specific preferences. As for the mobile stand, I discovered that gem in a home decor shop.

The Design: Elegance Meets Functionality

Brush Holder: A Symphony of Utility and Design

Beyond the palette, Dartecor has crafted another masterpiece – a brush holder. Leonel, understanding the nuances of a painter’s needs, created this exclusively for my palette stem. Perfect in fit, this brush holder hosts an array of holes, graduating from small to large, ensuring every brush finds its home. And yes, in keeping with the palette, it proudly carries my name.

Though, amidst the pride I take in these pieces, I must clarify, it isn’t ego but appreciation for fine craftsmanship.

Other Artistic Companions

Adjacent to the palette and brush holder, lies a container I chanced upon in the same decoration shop. It serves as a safe space for my papers. Another container, designed for flowers, doubles up as storage for my palette knife and various mediums. These might seem trivial, but in the life of an artist, every small detail adds up to the larger canvas of creation.


Exclusive 10% Discount for Our Readers

In appreciation of our dedicated readers and art enthusiasts, we’re thrilled to announce a special offer. Dartecor, the esteemed brand behind the personalized palette and brush holder, is offering an exclusive 10% discount on their entire product range.

To avail this offer, simply use the code “TR10” at checkout when shopping on Dartecor’s website. It’s a unique opportunity to own a piece of Dartecor’s exemplary craftsmanship at a reduced price. Whether you’re an artist in search of quality tools or someone seeking a thoughtful gift for an artistic friend, this is the perfect chance to make a valuable addition to your art collection.

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My palette stand, coupled with the brush holder and other studio essentials, signifies more than mere tools. They’re companions in my journey of creation, each telling a story of craftsmanship, personal touch, and elegance. I invite you to find such stories in your space, cherish them, and let them inspire you every day.

Remember, the essence of art isn’t just in the final masterpiece but in every stroke, every tool, and every stand that supports the journey.




1. Where can I purchase a palette stand like yours?

The specialized palette and brush holder I use were crafted by Dartecor. You can explore their creations on their official website.

2. How do I avail the 10% discount on Dartecor’s products?

Use the code “TR10” at the checkout on Dartecor’s website to avail a 10% discount on their entire range.

3. Can I get a personalized palette like yours from Dartecor?

Yes, Dartecor offers personalized palettes. You can get in touch with Leonel, the visionary behind Dartecor, for customization requests.

4. Where did you find the mobile stand for the palette?

I discovered the mobile stand in a home decor shop, separate from the Dartecor products.

5. How can I care for and maintain my palette stand?

It’s essential to regularly clean the stand and avoid exposure to extreme conditions to ensure its longevity. Additionally, always consult the product guidelines or Dartecor for specific care instructions.