2 Space Collision tania rivilis 90x100cm uai Tania Rivilis | artist | Capturing the portrait´s aura | Pragmatic romanticism | Colorful expressivness | artist´s gallery Tania Rivilis │ Contemporary Figurative Art

Space Collision

Year: 2023
Size: 90 x 100 cm / 35.4 x 39.3 in
Medium: Oil on Canvas
ID: TR-RIVT-0071


In the realm of portraiture, a canvas becomes a stage for a profound dialogue between subjects, where the convergence of faces creates an intimate space, eclipsing the peripheral world. So close, in fact, that the surrounding space seems to dissolve into insignificance, leaving only the countenance before you. Everything else fades away, and the focal point narrows down to a singular object — the face.

Much like celestial bodies on converging trajectories in the vastness of cosmic space, we, as humans, may unexpectedly collide with one another, birthing a metaphysical resonance in the aftermath. Emotions, desires, and thoughts permeate the space of the other, occupying every available inch. And after this collision, something lingers — a new entity or a resounding void.

Just as these two entities move along a shared trajectory in the cosmic expanse, creating something novel upon impact, the viewer, encountering the subject of the portrait, begins to share space with the painting. It wraps around them both, the boundaries between observer and observed blur, rendering everything else inconsequential. Between them, there are only radio waves, invisible lines, radiation transforming space upon collision — a testament to the transformative power of intimate encounters in the vast expanse of existence.