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Poetic demeanor

Year: 2024
Size: 40×70 cm / 15.7×27.5 Inch
Medium: Oil on Canvas
ID: TR-RIVT-0080


My portraits steer clear of aggression, opting instead for a delicate, thoughtful, and poetic demeanor. I have little interest in portraying the macho archetype. Rather, my goal is to dissolve these pesky gender boundaries and reveal the true nature of the human being in all its multifaceted diversity. Our world has seen its fair share of heroes, with Barbara Kruger’s 1987 piece “We don´t need another hero” instantly springing to mind. Thus, I often portray subjects cradling animals, for it is our compassionate interactions with these creatures that speak volumes about our kindness and humanity.
For me, it is of paramount importance to demonstrate that the absence of a rigid definition of one’s identity is not a curse, but rather an opportunity—a potential freedom to choose, a multiplicity of forms and pathways through which the self may be actualized.