An endless summer afternoon-tania.rivilis-50x50

An endless summer afternoon

Year: 2021
Size: 50x50cm / 19,6×19,6 Inch
Medium: Oil on Canvas
ID: TR-0059


My artistic method stands for a kaleidoscope of reverberations, reminiscences that peek through the optics of modernity, and allusions to classical themes and genres conveyed through the prism of my interpretations.
The artwork “An Endless Summer Afternoon” is not constructed according to genre patterns embedded in an artistic formulation, but is filled with the phantasmic reality that reveals itself only when it meets its observer. It may be a reference to Julian Barnes’s Portrait of a Man in Red, where the image of Dr. Pozzi is painted by Sargent’s brush and the author’s words. Or it is perhaps a quote from Henri Murger’s Scenes of Bohemian Life, where young recklessness and liberty confronted gray ordinariness. A poetic manifesto to that feeling on a heatwave afternoon that summer will never end and life is as ephemeral as cigarette smoke.
With my portrait, I do not want to make a direct reference to any particular work, but to act in oscillation: At the same time intimate and estranged, pragmatic and romantic, spiritual and vain, only in the eyes of the spectator will this work find its true meaning.