Tania Rivilis in Artists & Illustrators Magazine

Tania Rivilis in Artists & Illustrators - Sept-2023

Tania Rivilis in Artists & Illustrators: A Profound Insight

Tania Rivilis in the latest August issue, an extensive interview spanning several pages shines a light on this illustrious artist and her journey. An inspirational narrative, Rivilis delves into her artistic trajectory, technique, and shares a wealth of experience.

Journey to Mastery

The artistic journey of Tania Rivilis is nothing short of inspirational. Just as she beautifully captures emotions in her artwork titled “Covered Desires”, her narrative in Artists & Illustrators is equally compelling. From the nuanced brushwork evident in “I Came Here with No Expectations, Only to Profess”, to the raw emotion evident in “Aylesbury Boy”, Rivilis showcases her expertise and depth as an artist.

Artists & Illustrators – A Haven for Artists

Artists & Illustrators is Britain’s leading magazine for practising artists. But its relevance isn’t limited to professionals. The magazine resonates with aspiring amateurs and those who paint purely for pleasure. It acts as a bridge, providing valuable insights, tips, and experiences from seasoned professionals. Reading the latest issue is akin to attending a masterclass in art.

Rivilis’s Unique Technique

One of the standout themes in the article was Rivilis’s technique. This is beautifully demonstrated in pieces such as “Kyoto Twilight”. The layers of emotions, intricate detailing, and the play of light and shadow set her works apart.

A Shared Experience

For Rivilis, art is not just about personal expression. It’s about sharing, connecting, and evolving. Tania Rivilis in Artists & Illustrators provides a rare glimpse into the heart and soul of a passionate artist. For readers, both artists and enthusiasts alike, this interview is not just about understanding Rivilis’s work but also about drawing inspiration from her journey.

In conclusion, this issue featuring Tania Rivilis in Artists & Illustrators is a testament to the rich tapestry of the art world. It not only highlights the achievements of an individual artist but also underscores the role of platforms like Artists & Illustrators in nurturing and promoting artistry. Every page of the article serves as a reminder of the beauty and depth of artistic expression, encouraging readers to explore, create, and celebrate art in all its forms.


1. Who is Tania Rivilis?
Tania Rivilis is a figurative artist known for her captivating artworks and intricate detailing. Her works encompass a wide range of emotions and showcase her unique technique.

2. What did Tania Rivilis discuss in her interview with Artists & Illustrators?
In her interview, Tania delved into her artistic journey, the techniques she employs in her works, and shared valuable experiences from her career.

3. How can I read Tania Rivilis’s feature in Artists & Illustrators?
You can read Tania Rivilis’s feature in the latest August issue of Artists & Illustrators. It’s available both in print and online.

4. Why is Artists & Illustrators magazine significant in the art community?
Artists & Illustrators is Britain’s leading magazine for practising artists. It is a valuable resource for professionals, amateurs, and art enthusiasts, providing insights, tips, and experiences from seasoned professionals.

5. Where can I view Tania Rivilis’s artwork?
Tania Rivilis’s artworks are showcased on her official website. Some of her standout pieces include “Covered Desires” and “Kyoto Twilight”.